5 Facebook Tools For Your Website

Learn how these 5 Facebook tools will help improve your website

5 Facebook Tools For Your Website

All webmasters know that it is important to take advantage of social media sites to promote site and content.  I am sure that you know that. Facebook is one of the social networking sites that can provide you tons of traffic solutions to your site.

If you are not considering Facebook as a helpful tool, you are probably out of your mind.

Maybe you belong to a different genre or era. Anyhow, I strongly urge you to use that site and the tools that they offer.  Why?  The reason is that you can reach a wide demographic through this platform.

Despite your topic or services offered, you will be able to reach a wider audience because of Facebook’s popularity.  The Facebook tools below can help you boost your site’s ranking and establish online presence.

1.Fan Page

A fan page can help you launch your online career.  Through your page, you are able to reach out to your fans.  You can answer their queries, post updates about your site or business, upload pictures and videos, and just keep people posted.  As soon as you update your fan page, fans will see what’s going on.

2. Sidebar Widget

The widget showcases the people who already liked your site.  In addition to that, it is one way for your readers to hit the “like” button while browsing your pages.  The only known complaint about this feature is that it slows down the loading of the page or site.

Not to worry though.  There is wordpress plugin made to reduce the loading time of the page.  You can click a <a href=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/facebook-fan-box-cache/”>here</a> to get that plugin.

3. Like Button For the Whole Site

This pretty much functions like the sidebar widget except for one difference.  You can like the site but you cannot see other people who have liked the site.

For optimum result, you can place one like button at the topmost part of your site and another at the bottom.  This should be done for your readers’ convenience.  They don’t have to scroll too far just to get to that button.

4. Like Button For Each Article

This will help you disseminate your post or content.  As usual, you can place it in two different areas in your page.  You can position it just below your article title or at the side.  This feature is similar to the share tool. However, just a small line is shown in the readers’ timeline.

5. Share Button

This button lets your readers share your content to their friends and/or contacts.  Aside from sharing your content’s URL, an image and a narrative are shared as well.  It has pretty much similar function to the like button but expanded.

These Facebook tools are very useful for your social media marketing efforts.  I suggest that you try these tools either by gradually adding them to your site or all at once.  You will see a spike when it comes to your site’s traffic.

Do you see how using these Facebook tools will make a difference?

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